Regents & Midterm Exams: Jan 19 to Jan 29

Dear High School Students and Parents,

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an enjoyable and restful holiday. Within the next few weeks the school year will reach its midpoint. Teachers and staff are preparing to administer their midterm assessments for their respective courses. Attached is a copy of a Mid-Term Assessment Schedule we will be utilizing from January 19th through January 25th. The assessments will take place during class time, but will require preparation outside of the school day. These local midterm exams are given at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

Greenport High School will be administering Regents examinations from January 26th through January 29th. All classes are in session during these days. These exams are being offered for students who are scheduled for retakes or credit recovery. Please see guidance with any questions regarding exam registration.
Be prepared, study hard and do well.


Gary Kalish, Principal


H.S. Mid-Term Assessment Schedule
These assessments will take place during the student’s regularly scheduled classes.

Tuesday, January 19​th​:​ English Exams

Wednesday, January 20​th​: English and/or Social Studies Exams

Thursday, January 21​st​:​ Social Studies Exams

Friday, January 22​nd​: Math and/or Science Exams

Monday, January 25​th​: Math and/or Science Exams

Foreign Languages, Physical Education, Health, and Electives may administer Mid-Term exams (Final Exams, if it is a semester course) on any day.


New York State Regents Exam Schedule
Classes will ​be in session for Middle and High School students.

Tuesday, January 26​th​: Global History and Geography, 8-11AM

Wednesday, January 27​th​: Living Environment, 8-11AM Comprehensive English, 12-3PM

Thursday, January 28​th​: US History and Government, 8-11AM Earth Science, 8-11AM Algebra 1 (Common Core), 12-3PM

Friday, January 29​th​:​ Algebra 2/Trigonometry, 8-11AM


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