Tuesday, February 9, 2016 A Day

Attention all Greenport SOHO students. You do not need to report to Southold this morning due to the 2 hour delay. Their delayed start does not include 1st period classes. Please report to study hall period 1 in the cafeteria.

One Voice is cancelled after school today,  we will meet after the February break.

Attention all students:

Students are not allowed on the 2nd and 3rd floor during your lunch period.

If you are staying in the building for lunch, please remain in the cafeteria until the end of lunch.

If you go out for lunch, please report to the cafeteria when you return. Students who need to meet with a teacher during their lunch period must get a pass from that teacher to go to their classroom. Students who wish to go to the library must also get a pass.

Soul Food luncheon is taking place today in the conference room during the lunch periods. Enjoy!

Oliver! cast, there is rehearsal today from 3 to 5. FULL CAST is needed to be there.

Congratulations on the four day weekend.

The snow was great and powerful, but it can’t stop Shakespeare.  Playing at Will is meeting today at2:45. No shovel required.

Source: High School Annoucements

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