Friday, November 3, 2017 B Day

Attention junior high students who leave the building for lunch a reminder, again, to follow the proper safety rules when walking downtown and back. It is dangerous to walk in the middle of the road in traffic and to put glass bottles in crosswalks for cars to drive over to break. Students displaying these actions will be subject to loss of lunch privileges.

Attention students who were assigned detention today. Mrs. Hopkins needs to reschedule your assigned time to Monday. Please serve your detention then. If you missed any detention this week, show up on Monday as well.

Attention Juniors and Seniors….. Yankee Candle Order forms are due today. Please turn them into Ms Douglass, Mrs Kollen, or Mrs. Hopkins ASAP.

Since we did not have enough people sign up, there will be no spectator bus to the girls’ game this afternoon.  Will Lupita Perez, William Reyes and Breanna Shelby please report to the Athletic Office so that your money can be returned to you.

Attention 7 to 12 graders – if you are into Science Fiction, if you like to sing and dance, if you are not claustrophobic and ever dreamed of being a life sized puppet or if your vocal talents lead you to talk in strange and funny ways, then this year’s HS musical Little Shop of Horrors is for YOU! Come to the meeting this afternoon at 2:45 pm in the HS library to see just how this musical can be part of your life for the next 4 months!

Source: High School Annoucements

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