7th Grade Seminar Greenport History Project

Students in Mr. Toussaint’s 7th Grade Seminar class recently examined Greenport’s past in a comprehensive research project.  In collaboration with Mrs. Richter’s Computer and Information Technology class, students selected decades to investigate spanning from the 1950s to the early 2000s. Information was gathered from a variety of sources including online databases, the school library’s extensive yearbook collection, and interviews conducted with Greenport alumni. Finally, students presented their findings to their classmates.

Mr. Toussaint believes the project helped develop historical thinking and research skills as the students were required to gather and synthesize information from a wide variety of unique sources. While they may sometimes be overlooked in the classroom, yearbooks and oral histories can be utilized to provide learners with invaluable primary sources, filled with insight into the past. Students especially enjoyed spotting family and friends in the pages of the yearbooks!

Pictured below are  Skylar Mysliborski presenting her research to the class  and Stephany Acensio and Ava Cocheo sifting through yearbooks.

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