STEAM update with Mr. Wilkins


 While the winter weather was howling outside, Greenport 1st graders were busy working together in teams learning to collaborate in a creative, tech savvy atmosphere during STEAM and ART class with Mr. Wilkins, Ms. Gammon and Mrs. Cristiano.
The challenge was to create a ¨rover¨ that could help scientists locate a rare plant species that exists in an environment that is not accessible to humans.
To make the STEAM challenge come to life, students created a large scale diorama of the environment that served as the background, designed a rare plant species of their own choice out of clay, and then followed explicit instructions on how to build a ¨rover¨ out of LEGO building blocks.  This project was part of the LEGO WE BUILD 2.0 platform that allows students the opportunity to follow step by step instructions on how to assemble a LEGO robot and then program the robot to move using simplified code applications via Chrome books.  Mr. Wilkins would like to note that this project was made possible by a generous donation from a Greenport community member who stated¨ I wish I had the chance to build with LEGOś and to learn computer coding when I was in school.¨

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