New Partnership with The Retreat; Programs for JH and HS

The Retreat is pleased to be partnering with Greenport School to bring our Healthy Relationships Don’t Hurt workshops to the 10th grade health classes and our Respect in Relationships workshops to the 7th grade.

The Retreat Education Program’s mission is to prevent abuse and promote respect in all relationships, and to help end bullying, domestic violence and sexual assault.
Parents and caregivers can help their children assert and respect healthy boundaries in relationships.  Privacy, independence and integrity should be protected and celebrated.
Be alert to the “red flags” of unhealthy relationships:
  • Control: Watch out for a friend or dating partner who pressures, manipulates or demands that you behave a certain way.
  • Imbalance:  A friend or partner who acts like a parent or boss.
  • Constant togetherness. Find time for a variety of people in your life.
  • Jealousy.  Not allowing someone to hangout with other people.  Accusing someone of flirting.
  • Drama: Blow ups, constant clashing, manipulative behavior.
  • Harassment:  Hurtful,embarrassing, or obsessive comments, messages, or pictures.
Support healthy relationships:
  • Respect:  Honoring a person for who they are.
  • Empathy:  Understanding someone else’s feelings.
  • Boundaries:  Not pressuring togetherness.
  • Safety:  Feeling comfortable physically and emotionally.
  • Fairness:  Balance in decision-making.
  • Fun:  Enjoying conversation, activities, and time spent together.
The Retreat provides support not just to those who have been subjected to abuse, including domestic violence, human trafficking, stalking, bullying, and sexual assault.  The Retreat offers a variety of services to the East End community including 24/7 hotline at 631-329-2200, free counseling for survivors, legal advocacy, education, and shelter.
Please feel free to check out our website at and contact us for more information!

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