Atlantic Marine Conservation Society Visits Science Classes

On November   19th, Chief Scientist, Robert A. DiGiovanni Jr., from the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society, a nationally recognized expert in the field of marine biology was a guest speaker in both Mrs. Bakers and Mr. Taylor science classes.
Along with his PowerPoint presentation, Mr. DiGiovanni discussed the mission of the Atlantic Marine Conservations Society as one to conduct aerial surveys, with live animal captures so to collect and disseminate data to environmental managers, ensuring the long-term survival of critical members of our ocean ecosystems. His team has successfully responded to out-of-habitat situations, entanglements, and man-made disasters. He states “We seek to use these events to better understand our marine ecosystems.  For instance, the data collected from the tagging of stranded marine mammals and sea turtles  provides insight into the effects of climate change, marine traffic, and other man-made changes in the environment.”
They conduct outreach lectures to the public, in schools, and for local officials about what to do in the event of a marine mammal or sea turtle encounter.  We will also educate the public about the changes in the environment and how they can help.
A huge thank you to the Greenport All Class Reunion who sponsored this visit.

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