Emelyn Azurdia December Rotary Student of the Month

Congratulations to Emelyn Azurdia who is being acknowledged as the Rotary’s “Student of the Month” for December. Emelyn is a senior at Greenport High School where she continues to go above and beyond, both academically and anthropologically. Emelyn finds peace with herself in volunteering for many community service projects but particularly loves doing the beach clean ups. In school, she has been honored as a member of the National Honor Society, as well as the French National Honor Society. Emelyn has received the Suffolk Zone Award for her outstanding character,
physical education achievement, and being student role model. Azurdia has been involved in various school-wide activities such as, field hockey, softball, cheer, band & chorus member for 9 years, Acapella leader and the manager of the Jr. Wrestling team. Emelyn’s finest memories come from her 2 time all county NYSCAME accomplishment. One of her proudest moments is being the platoon commander in the NJROTC
program where she is responsible for everything the platoon does or fails to do. Once graduated, Emelyn’s dream is to join the Army to become a military police officer. We salute you

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