Parent Ads Now Available for 2019 Beachcomber


2019 GHS Yearbook

720 Front Street

Greenport, NY  11944

(631) 477-1950 EXT. 2374

Advisor: Lauren Kollen



Dear Parent or Guardian,


Looking for a creative way to tell your son/daughter, “I love you and I’m proud of you”?


Place a parent ad in the 2019 yearbook!


Since your son or daughter will be graduating in June 2019, a parent ad is always a great idea.  In the future, seeing your message will bring a smile as they remember your love and support during these important years.  And, it’s easy to create a parent ad.  Just send us a copy of your favorite photo and compose your message.


We can even keep the ad a secret until the yearbook is distributed.


Reserve a space for your ad today to say how proud you are.  Like the yearbook, your message will be a permanent memory.


Please send payment, photo(s) and a sketch of how you want your ad to look to the above address by April 1, 2019. Checks should be made out to Beachcomber.


If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the 2019 yearbook, please send check for $55.00 at your convenience.


Ad Size and Price

Full Page           $250.00

Half Page          $150.00

Quarter Page     $100.00

1/8 Page            $85.00



Thank you,

The Yearbook Staff

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