Grade 5 Art Student Earns Distinguished Rating

Grade 5 student Keira Klotzer was the first member of the Greenport Student Art League to display her work at the Portfolio Project hosted by the New York State Art Teachers Association.  The event took place on April 12 at Bellport High School.  During Art League with Mr. Wilkins and many hours of dedication at home, Keira created three personal choice pieces, a self portrait and an additional piece inspired by her family heritage.  During the adjudication with a randomly selected art teacher from Suffolk County, Keira was asked about the process she chose to create her work and what inspired her. “She was very comfortable presenting her pieces.  She scored at 27/28.  At the elementary level her rating was Distinguished with Mastery, overall it was a positive experience for her.” said Mrs. Klotzer who was instrumental in helping her daughter follow through on such a worthy project.

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