Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

Early Happy Birthday Wishes go out to our July Birthday people:

July 1 Jose Merino Flores, Jocelyn Secaida and grade 5 teacher, Mrs. Vanduzer
July 2 Paula Masin Portillo
July 3 Elber Ochoa, Fausto Campos, 
July 4 Douglas Campos Cruz,
July 5 Noah Ganguzza, Hunter Leiblein and Ms. Reisig
July 8 Mrs. Joan Dinizio
July 9 Luca Rallis
July 10 Tiarra Edwards and grade 6 teacher, Ms. Sue Connolly
July 12 Isabelle Higgins and our Social Worker Ms. Courtney Dubreil and Custodian, Ms. Diane Foster
July 13 Jammye Calderon Orellana
July 14 Jonathan Finne, Ayania Smith
July 15 Adan Sandre Torres, 
July 16 Mirna Ardon Jolon, Norma Tapia
July 17 Julio Coc Tomas, William Donahue,
July 18 Preston Latney, Carlos Masin Perez
July 19 Justus Horton, Brae Iglesias, Abigail Whittington
July 20 Omar Mena Guevara
July 21 Kevin Azama
July 22 Mrs. Lauren Berry and Ms. Laurene Gammon
July 26 Caysi Concepcion Hodge
July 27 Connor Freehan, Wendy Perez Hernandez and Mrs. Ozlem Artukmac
July 28 Elsa Ardon Perez, Jeyson Calatae Dubon, Jaime Mendez Cano, Jack Owens, Estefany Rodas, Abiel Soriano
July 30 Kaitlin Sorocco and Mr. Luke Conti 
July 31 Donovan Sanchez Diaz

Source: High School Annoucements

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