FT -Teacher Aide 1:1

NI-1 (20-21)

Teacher Aide 1:1 (full time)

Requirements:  HS diploma or GED equivalent, NYS Fingerprints

Hours:                6.5 hours/day

Salary:               Per Bargaining Agreement

Duties:              Under supervision, a special education aide will perform activities which   reinforce basic skills as directed by the special education teacher.  Will help further individualize programs by working with individual and small groups of students as directed by the teacher. Will assist the teacher and student prepare, adapt, demonstrate, and use instructional materials.  Will assist the teacher with organizational, clerical, and administrative tasks related to classroom instruction.  Will assist students with self-help skills, drill exercises, workbook assignments, homework, and other learning activities prescribed by and directed by the teacher.  Will escort and/or remain with the student to and from classes in regard to mainstreaming, related services, and special subjects as directed by the teacher. This position may require feeding/toileting. CPR/CPI training preferred.

Please email Human Resources, Elementary School Principal at hr@gufsd.org by August 6, 2020

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