Fall 2020-2021


All materials from Greenport High School students are due in the HS office by September 30th, 2020

All materials from out of district students are due to the High School Office by October 1st, 2020

-Copy of valid driver’s permit

-Proof of payment, bring receipt from the Business Office after the fee has been paid

-Registration Form


Due to limited space, enrollment in the program is based on the student’s age to allow older students the opportunity to take the course. Preference with enrollment will be given to Greenport students first.  Open enrollment for Greenport students will begin September 21st with paperwork due by September 30th, 2020. Enrollment for students outside of Greenport District will begin on September 28th with paperwork due, October 1st, 2020. The class list and driving schedule will be posted on October 5th, 2020.  A minimum of 16 students will be needed to run the program. A maximum of 24 students can be accommodated.


  • In-Class lecture requirement: 24 hours of virtual classroom instruction
  • In-Car Driving requirement: Students and families may choose to complete the in-car driving requirement in two different ways
    • OPTION A: 24 hours of Instructor-led driving: Please complete the form to be scheduled for driving instruction that is conducted by the instructor.
    • OPTION B: 24 hours of Guardian supervised driving: NYS is permitting students to satisfy the in-car driving portion of the course with a licensed parent/guardian. Families who select this option, must complete the appropriate form and submit the required documentation to the instructor to receive the certificate of completion. Families will be provided with documents once registration is complete.


COST:   OPTION A: $650 checks payable to Greenport UFSD.

OPTION B: $ 325 checks payable to Greenport UFSD


START DATE:  Classroom Instruction will be full remote and start on October 6th, 2020 from 6 pm to 7:30 pm


COVID-19 Safety Guidelines: Each in-car instruction session with the instructor is limited to 3 students who are required to wear appropriate face coverings throughout the session. Mask breaks will be provided as needed.


ABSENCES: There are no reimbursements after the start of the program. Students cannot miss more than two days of instruction. Students are required to be present for 24 hours of classroom instruction as well as 24 hours of driving lessons. The district will provide 27 hours of each during the course.



Contact Information:  PHONE 631-477-1950 X 1225



Mike Davies, Instructor                        Gary Kalish, Principal                           High School Office                                       or

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