Anticipated Vacancy – School Business Administrator

School Business Administrator 



  • School Business Administrator (SBA, SDBL) or 

School District Administrator (SDA)

  • Master’s Degree and/or Advanced Degree in Business/Accounting (prefered)
  • Demonstrated analytical and supervisory abilities
  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of school business 
  • Understanding of the regulatory environment of K-12 District’s financials, including federal, State and local laws, regulations and school policies. 


Division: Administration 


Reports to: Superintendent of Schools 

Specific Duties and Responsibilities


  • Supervise the management of the financial affairs of the School District.
  • Manage, and supervise all budgetary, payroll, purchasing, investment, borrowing, and accounting operations of the District and maintain complete financial records. 
  • Developing the annual budget, including administering a budget control, supervising the accounting of all income and expenditures, and assuming responsibility for the receipt and expenditure of School District funds.
  • Supervises District Treasurer, Payroll Officer and Purchasing Agent.
  • Coordinate and supervise all Capital Improvement Project.
  • Supervise the collection, safekeeping and distribution of all funds. 
  • Supervise the District’s support services in the area of transportation & security 
  • Arrange for internal auditing of school accounts
  • Provide assistance to the Superintendent of Schools in the formulation of school policies related to business management. 
  • Act as the advisor to the Superintendent in all matters relating to the business and financial affairs of the District. 
  • Assisting the Superintendent in long-range budget development and directing the process of school funds to ensure that the District derives maximum benefits for the expenditure of school funds.
  • Attend Board meetings and prepare such reports for the Board as the Superintendent may request. 
  • Serve as a member of the Superintendent’s Administrative Council 
  • Supervise the maintenance of inventories and property records for the District. 
  • Supervise the Risk Management, Records Management, and Emergency Management Programs for the District. 
  • Knowledgeable of negotiating and implementing Collective Bargaining Agreements 


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