Newsday Interview with the Kahn Twins

Identical twins Xavier, left, and Jacob Kahn, salutatorian

Identical twins Xavier, left, and Jacob Kahn, salutatorian and valedictorian, respectively, of Greenport High School’s class of 2019, at the school on June 11. Photo Credit: Newsday/John Paraskevas

What are the biggest differences between identical twins Jacob and Xavier Kahn?

Dyed hair, 10 pounds, one minute and 0.21 percent of their GPAs.

Jacob and Xavier were named this year’s valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, of Greenport High School, with just two-tenths of a difference between their unweighted averages. According to Principal Gary Kalish, this is the first time in Greenport’s history that the top two students are siblings.

The 17-year-olds say they have always been competitive in everything they do — academics, sports, even games they made up in their front yard.

“We would always beat each other with sticks down our driveway,” said Xavier with a laugh. He’s one minute older than his brother and dyed his hair blonde as part of a varsity tennis team tradition. (Jacob is on the team as well, but decided to stick with his natural roots this year.)

“I remember the rule was you’re just supposed to hit the stick, you’re not supposed to hit the person,” Jacob explained.

Xavier added, “But if you accidentally hit their hand …”

“It really got us going,” Jacob said.

On the tennis court, the brothers tried to outdo each other throughout high school.

“Tennis was very competitive since you compete for positions on the court,” Jacob said. “Xavier was always better since the beginning … Sometimes I’d beat him and get first, but then I quickly got beat back down to second.”

But during their senior year, the brothers realized that in order to win, they had to team up. They played doubles all year and ultimately became the Suffolk County Division IV doubles champions.

“Instead of being so focused on beating each other, I would say, it was more focused on just not messing up,” Jacob said.

Along with the tennis team (of which Xavier is captain), the twins play varsity soccer (with Jacob as captain) and performed in school musicals together. Jacob is president of the student council and Xavier is president of the senior class. Throughout high school, they both excelled in academics and pushed each other to be better.

“If I saw his paper and it was 100 and mine was 98, I was like, ‘Oh, I stink,’” Xavier said.

The brothers said they weren’t surprised to earn the top spots in their graduating class. Jacob is headed to the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Xavier will attend Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. For now, they both plan to study engineering, but Xavier is considering a switch to a language major.

Greenport’s graduating class of 53 students will accept their diplomas on June 23. Jacob and Xavier said they haven’t written their speeches yet for the ceremony, but perhaps they’ll stick with what they know — they both wrote their college essays about being twins.

“I wrote about our competitive nature, and how it prepared me,” Jacob said.

Said Xavier, “It probably made us into who we are.”



Monday, June 17th, 2019 B Day

Today is the last day for classes,exams start tomorrow. Schedules were sent home the middle of May and are posted on the bulletin board across from the HS office. Room assignments will be posted in the lobby. Please remember to bring writing implements with  you and that no backpacks or cell phones are allowed in the testing rooms.

If you are a junior who has expressed interest in taking AP Microeconomics next fall, you must see Mr. Golden during your advisory today.  

The following students need to meet 4th and 5th period in room 314 to take the earth science lab exam:

Ivan Tapia, Sam Rivera, Trinity Creighton, Jude Swann, Maycol Santos ,and Carlos DeLeon Campos

Anyone interested in playing football for the 2019 Porters please attend the meeting on Friday, June 21st after school in the gym. This includes Junior high, Junior varsity, and Varsity athletes!!

Attention seniors!  If you are interested in singing for graduation go to Mrs Cabral’s room after the announcements during the advisory period today.  

Attention Acappella!  There will be rehearsal after school today!

Reminder that lockers need to be cleaned out today and that all textbooks are to be returned to the appropriate teacher. ALL elevators keys must be returned to the business office.

Source: High School Annoucements

Grade 8 Gallery Walk “Who Shaped America?”

With the spring arriving, students and teachers are preparing for end of year activities such as concerts, awards, ceremonies and end of term assessments. But this year, students in 8th grade will be participating in a new event through their Social Studies class. The “Who Shaped America” Gallery Walk, the culminating activity for their multi-disciplinary projects.

On June 7th, parents and fellow students will be treated to a “museum-type” gallery walk through all the projects that were created by students in the 8th grade. Students will have their original research, display boards and presentations on display. The 8th graders will have recently completed presenting their work to both their classmates and also faculty evaluators who questioned them on their learning and their process. The gallery walk will be a celebration of their work, and the Greenport Elementary and Junior High students, parents and faculty will be attending.

Mr. Toussaint, the grade 8 social studies teacher at Greenport collaborated with his colleagues in the Junior High to design a long term multi-disciplinary project that asked students to develop a deep understanding of important figures in American History. Students learned about analyzing their figures through different lenses. Mr. Toussaint said, “At this age, I think it important to provide students with skills to support their ability to analyze complex issues. Using the concept of “lenses” students can narrow their focus on political, social, economic and other perspectives when working to understand how individuals have shaped events and developments in history. In the end, students worked as real historians do, which is why I think they had so much fun with this project.”

Earlier this semester, the 8th graders had individual meetings not only with their teacher Mr. Toussaint, but also members of the HS Faculty to discuss their sources of information and research as well as their essay drafts. Other teachers supported students on this project as well. Students learned about citations, non-fiction writing, and research skills with their English and Library/Media teachers.

“We are very pleased with the outcomes of this curricular initiative. Students have worked to develop a deep understanding of their subject matter as they studied across disciplines. They are developing skills that are foundational for the kind of academic work we will ask them to do at the HS level. We are all very excited about the gallery walk” said Gary Kalish, HS Principal.

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 A DAY

Attention senior graduation singers!  The rehearsal has been changed to Monday morning during advisory.  If you are planning on singing the senior song at graduation go to Mrs Cabral’s room on Monday morning during advisory.  You must be there to be able to perform at graduation. See Emelyn Azurdia with any questions.

To all boys interested in playing JV or Varsity Soccer in the Fall.  There will be a brief informational meeting during Advisory this morning in Room 311 (Mr. D’s room).  

If you are a girl in grades 7 through 11 and are interested in playing girls soccer in the fall… JH, JV or Varsity please see Mr. Golden during your advisory period for information and details.  

For students entering grade 7 through those entering grade 12, if you are interested in participating on the golf team, there will be a brief meeting during advisory tomorrow morning in room 209.  If you would just like to practice and learn about golf, you are welcome to attend. Thank-you. Mr. Haas

For anyone interested in cheering for the 2019 football season, there will be a meeting in Mrs. Dlhopolsky’s room 212  tomorrow morning during advisory. A sign-up sheet can also be found hanging outside of her room. Stop down and sign up!!

At this time will all 9th and 10th grade advisories and their teachers, please report to the auditorium for a presentation.

Source: High School Annoucements

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